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Smart Baby Monitor
No need to watch your child during its nap. We will notify you when your baby starts to wake up
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hostel manager
A very convenient application! You can safely move around an apartment building at a distance of 5 floors, the signal is excellent. It is very important to be able to edit the intensity of the baby's movement in a dream: for my 2 year old daughter, "high" was ideal, after changing the settings there was not a single false notification. If I had it at the very beginning of parenthood, my life would've been simplified at times
Convenient application. There is no need to buy a separate device - notifications come to the parent phone. You can safely go about your business while the baby sleeps in another room. If there are signs of activity in the crib, a notification comes. This is convenient if, as in our case, the baby wakes up and decides to do his own business quietly - for example, we have to eat socks and pull the curtain into the crib
web illustrator
When the baby monitor informs me that the child may wake up, I look at the screen and see if the child is actually waking up or has just turned to the other side. With each coup, the baby monitor sends a notification and it's right very, very convenient. When I need to check whether the child has woken up from a loud sound or not, I just look at the screen
You need two smartphones. Each one should have Smart Baby Monitor mobile application installed. One of the smartphone will be a camera and the other a monitor.

Set up the application
Open Smart Baby Monitor mobile application on both devices. Assign them roles: "Parent" or "Child". Set up a connection between smartphones by entering a six-digit code from the "Child" device on the "Parent" device.

Enabling notifications
When your baby is already in bed open the application on "Parent" device and click the button with bell icon in the right down corner of the screen.

Its time to relax!
Smart Baby Monitor will send a push up notification when your baby starts to wake up, so you will be ready to be close at the moment of the awakening.
How Smart Baby Monitor works
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